My story about story

Everyone has her own story, people said. But do we realize that stories don’t just belong to human beings? They belong to other things too, from vacuum cleaner to coconut tree and even to white lilies which bloom at one day and thrown to fire at the next day. Surely all those things have stories. You don’t think that they just came out from stones, right? Although I do believe that even a plain stone has its own story too.

Stories are like air. They are everywhere. Though you realize it or not, they are always existing and ready to tell you something.

I’d always love to hear some kind of stories, good ones precisely. Since the amount of stories is overload – equal with the number of things exist in this world – then I need to be selective at first before giving my ears to hear about them. Despite the fact that I’m not (yet) good enough in being a selective hearer, I have always prepared my senses only for valuable ones.

Good stories, valuable ones. What makes stories become “valuable” and “good?” Are there bad stories? I think there is no good nor bad story in essence. No. Stories are neutral subjects. They are neither “good” nor “bad”. But I do have my own criteria. Good, bad, important, useless, interesting, very important, disgusting, silly, fascinating….those are my criteria made based on what they bring to my senses.

Stories are always like that. Neutral, but influencing. I used to wonder where their power come from. But now I get it. It is us who give the power. We entitle them with power through our acceptance. Some stories are fascinating. That’s because I can accept it with fascination. Some are bad and that’s because I am unable to accept them in kindness. However, how do you take the story of telephone’s invention? Either it is interesting or boring, it’s you who decide.

To claim this story is good and other is bad is as hard as claiming whether black or white on something grey. But I believe one thing: that the good ones should not be easy to discard by those who listen. Stories which bring you something to your senses and mind must be influencing ones.

Good stories are influencing. Great ones are inspiring.

And if they are true, they become perfect!