I Love You

The first time we met, you looked pale, dull, and boring. We were strangers one to another and worse, you didn’t try to do anything to make situation better. You just sat there and stared at me in silence until I turned my back and walked away.

But somewhere deep down in my heart I know that you’re far better than your look. So yesterday, I pulled myself into you and found out that you were still the same old. Yet I restrained myself from being bored.

You walked me home, though. Few little talk occurred and the rests were left out along the road. At the moment we stepped into my house, we set ourselves off for the big leap.

That night when you got in me, the magic happened. You became irresistible and I couldn’t stop myself from asking more. And best, you didn’t stop doing that magic until I took the last bite of you. It tasted awesome! I was fully satisfied, almost couldn’t say a word. By the end of the dinner time, I whispered mouthfully, ” I love you, kecombrang.”