Jakarta’s New Market

Passer Baroe. That’s the Indonesian name for the market as seen on the gate. Here is a place where people get instantly optimistic about having the best deals in town. Shoes, textiles, apparel, accessories, all in cheaper price. Oh yeah, temptations are all around every corner making it very hard to walk by the passageway without buying anything. As for me, I came with a noble mission: to take some photos of the place. Later I found myself walking back home with also a pair of shorts.

Anyway, here are the photos…

The Gate of Passer Baroe

The gate posses an oriental style since the market is located in the middle of Jakarta’s Chinatown.

The street lamp nearby

The street lamp near the market wasn’t yet switched on when I took this picture.

Trumpet flowers

Near the market there is a building which its yard planted with trumpet flowers. They are very yellow and so lovely.

The blue bridge

There is a small river near the place. Several small bridges can be found along the river. They are made of steel and colored blue.

An old building with Nederland-Indie style

An old building nearby with a touch of Nederland-Indie style.

When the night comes, comes along the light

When the night comes, comes along the light

I arrived at mid day and left at night. The night ambiance was totally different after all lamps were switched on. But somehow, the market didn’t seem less busy.

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