The Paradox Project – Nine


Becoming Rich by Staying Poor


I come to You, Lord.

 Condensed and heavy,

 greedy and gloomy.

 What a misery when everything is never enough

 to satisfy my soul much, to measure as such.

 I’ve done more than what it takes,

 now I no longer know what to do.

 My heart poorly breaks,

 my dreams bring me nowhere but woe.

 Dear Almighty,

 Who posses the utmost authority,

 never I will be proud before Thee,

 for all that men appraise me highly.

 Kneeling I bring my being to nil

 waiting for You to refill,

 in accordance with Your will

 not what I want to feel.

 I throw away my worldly fame

 to bear this holy shame.

 Through emptiness I become thorough.

 For possessions of the world are merely borrowed

 yet life in You is eternally bestowed.

 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  ~ Jesus Christ