The Paradox Project – Two

 Boldly face the Fear  Little girl in a park soon be a woman on her path. Has no clue of what tomorrow may bring, she keeps on singing like birds in every morning before… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – One

Confession brings Recognition She’s been waiting for things to be real yet nothing appears nor appeals. Days go by put her hope on a wire She now wonders in worry if someone will… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Opening

Starting today, The Paradox Project is officially launched! Yeaayyy…! Oh wait, what is it exactly? The Paradox Project is actually my own private blogging program. As anyone can see, this blog of mine,… Continue reading

Jakarta’s New Market

Passer Baroe. That’s the Indonesian name for the market as seen on the gate. Here is a place where people get instantly optimistic about having the best deals in town. Shoes, textiles, apparel,… Continue reading


I want to walk all day long take picture of things around and if I’m lucky I will hear birds singing happy songs along with boys laughing from the Bronx Smirky beggars on… Continue reading

Grow Old Gracefully

Hari ini di angkot, dalam perjalanan kembali ke kantor dari makan siang, saya bertemu seorang nenek tua yang buta. Dia sendirian dan pakaiannya tampak lusuh dan kusam. Jari-jarinya sesekali bergetar, membuat genggamannya pada… Continue reading

On the Waiting

    Have you ever wondered about things you used to ponder? Up the hill where the trees were older than anyone could remember a steadfast lover sent a message through a roaring… Continue reading

We Never Talked

No. We never did. You have touched my heart without words and I smiled.

Kadang Namun

Kadang kita menyimpan di hati orang yang selamanya takkan pernah dapat dimiliki seraya mengeluarkan dari sana, mereka yang sudah kita miliki. Namun kau masuk ke dalam hatiku tanpa kuminta lalu menyembunyikan dirimu begitu… Continue reading

I Love You

The first time we met, you looked pale, dull, and boring. We were strangers one to another and worse, you didn’t try to do anything to make situation better. You just sat there… Continue reading