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The Paradox Project – Six

Simplicity is Luxury Every once in a while, I hear chorus of the magnum opus right between your sublime gaze and subtle smile. It’s not about the diamond with an immense carat but… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Five

 To Let Go is To Get A king who’s never wrong, has been standing strong on his own bony shank since he was young. He lives in a castle protects himself from any… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Four

Questioning the Answer He used to tell me stories about birds on trees, boats on seas, those and these.  I used to be satisfied, nothing to hide; all’s clear as white, everything’s in… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Three

Silence does Speak Humming bees, crying babies. Babbling dreamers, praying believers.  Surrounded by sound yet hear none. Been talking a lot, crying out loud, still no answer brought. Push to pause, freeze the… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – One

Confession brings Recognition She’s been waiting for things to be real yet nothing appears nor appeals. Days go by put her hope on a wire She now wonders in worry if someone will… Continue reading