Jika Ku Mampu Mencuri Waktu

Berjinjit di antara awan Yang melayang hilang Namun jejakku tetap tinggal Dan satu senyum yang kutambahkan Di detik ke delapan Yang tidak satupun melihat Kecuali jika kau mengijinkan Satu per satu habis tak… Continue reading


  Always Remember How to Forget   At four he adored Thor. Spending days and nights watching TV, worshipping a talking bee.   At six Mommy got sick. Visiting McDonald’s for dinner, walking… Continue reading

Mid-Autumn Festival at Candra Naya

Indonesia is a tropical country with only two seasons within a year: summer and rainy. That means, there’s no autumn in Jakarta and surely, there will never be. But in this multicultural megapolitan,… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Nine

  Becoming Rich by Staying Poor   I come to You, Lord.  Condensed and heavy,  greedy and gloomy.  What a misery when everything is never enough  to satisfy my soul much, to measure… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Eight

  When in Doubt, keep the Faith!   It was a rainy day in January when I saw you smiling at me, whispering my name, and calling me Pretty. It was you who… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Seven

      Pick The Few over Many Can’t get sleep tonight something has stolen my pride during the fight between wrong and right.  I won however biggest triumph ever the little flock… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Six

Simplicity is Luxury Every once in a while, I hear chorus of the magnum opus right between your sublime gaze and subtle smile. It’s not about the diamond with an immense carat but… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Five

 To Let Go is To Get A king who’s never wrong, has been standing strong on his own bony shank since he was young. He lives in a castle protects himself from any… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Four

Questioning the Answer He used to tell me stories about birds on trees, boats on seas, those and these.  I used to be satisfied, nothing to hide; all’s clear as white, everything’s in… Continue reading

The Paradox Project – Three

Silence does Speak Humming bees, crying babies. Babbling dreamers, praying believers.  Surrounded by sound yet hear none. Been talking a lot, crying out loud, still no answer brought. Push to pause, freeze the… Continue reading