A fragrance named me

Hi! Shalom!

How are you? Fine and blessed, I hope. Well, this page is about me, isn’t it? So I won’t bother of spending more time to talk about you then….

My name is Rotua Karmila Siagian. I always love to have Keharuman as my online name ^^ You see, Keharuman means Fragrance and this name came up when a Pastor prayed for me ten years a go. He prayed for so many beautiful things. But one thing stucked in my memory years after is that he prayed for me to be a fragrance, a fragrance of Christ to God… .



Sweet Perfume

That’s me!^^

Along with my prayer so that each one of you can be a kind of sweet perfume in your own destiny ^^ I also want to cheer all of you with this:

Have a blessed day everyone! Jesus loves you!^^