The Paradox Project – Opening

Starting today, The Paradox Project is officially launched! Yeaayyy…!

Oh wait, what is it exactly?

The Paradox Project is actually my own private blogging program. As anyone can see, this blog of mine, though it has been started since 2010, has only a few posts. I feel sorry for this. A bit ashamed too, honestly saying. But just feeling sorry and ashamed won’t get me anywhere. I realize that I have to take an action. Something that will turn this austere blog into a richer one. And by saying “richer” I mean more posts to read.

That “something” is The Paradox Project. Starting today until August 16, I upload 17 serial posts to this blog. All of them talk about life’s oxymoron that I’ve learned so far. Faith and doubt, staying poor and getting rich, even silence and sound.

There is a similar structure in the serials. Each of them has a quote of a famous figure and a poem of mine. And photo, too. The photos may not be relevant to the topic but one thing for sure is I took them myself.

The Paradox Project isn’t merely talking on the subject of left and right side of life span. Beside its practical purpose, there is a universal message meant to be highlighted which is to keep our mind sound and open. Don’t get stuck in any situation, problem, place, whatever. See the other side, think the opposite, prepare for the X factor.

Learn, learn, learn. Then take a shot.

The Paradox Project is one of my life lesson. I take my shot by sharing it with you. Hopefully the project will do good to you as it does to me.

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus.

(And for you who may be wondering about the number 17 –  oh well my answer perhaps a bit disappointing – I choose it simply because it’s my birth date.)